Laser cutting

Material cutting is performed on the machine TruLaser 3030 fiber

Material cutting is performed on the most modern computer controlled laser machine with the type reference TruLaser 3030 fiber.



TruLaser 3030 fiber is impressive with its high flexibility and reliability. It efficiently cuts  with air mainly structural steel with all possible tin plate thickness.


Solid laser TruDisk 3001 enables tooling of  ferrous metals and except that are its advantages in productivity of tooling of the thin tin plate. Minimal side times are ensured by the  verified functions as e.g. automatic nozzle changer.

Technical specification

TruLaser 3030 fiber

Laser machine TRUMPF with performance 3000W
Size of working table  (width x length) 1500 x 3000mm


Maximum thickness of the material

Structural steel 20mm
Premium steel 15mm
Aluminium 15mm
Copper 6mm
Brass 6mm


Possibilities of cutting

Using oxygen yes
Using nitrogen yes
Using air yes


Presentation video Trulaser 3030 fiber


Pictures to the product


Advantages of  Trulaser 3030 fiber

  1. Possibility of cutting the tin plate with thickness up to do 20mm
  2. Enlarged  portfolio of the materials: cutting copper and brass using TPUMPF cutting parameters
  3. High productivity in the area of thin tip plates thanks to solid laser TruDisk
  4. Productivity advantages in the area of thin tin plates
  5. Troubfree tooling of the tin plate coated with foil without previous evaporation
  6. Minimal side times thanks to automatic nozzle changer and strategy of one laser head
  7. Highest energy efficiency

General conditions

  • Quality of cutting surface is guaranteed according to STN EN ISO 9013, grade I., local defects of the cutting surface when assesing are not regarded according this norm
  • Documentation for tooling of cutting plans are processed according specified dimension in simple shapes, or drawing documentation of the cut shapes DXF, DWG sent by e-mail, fax or brought personally
  • Archiving of the drawing documetation
  • Standard term of delivery from the material, that is on stock is 3 to 10 working days after order confirmation, express orders are surcharged.  Delivery parity  EXW producer or after agreement it is possible also delivery with the transport of MOLPIR, s.r.o. to the agreed destination
  • Cutting of the cuts into materials delivered by the customer
  • Possibility of cutting holes until 0.7mm x thickness depending on the thickness of the material
  • Labeling (marking) of cuts , holes, bending lines with s techn. engraved  number of the drawing , notch
Laser cutting
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